Online iGaming White Label Solution

When building an iGaming platform, there is the option of choosing a software system through a white label iGaming software provider. There are numerous iGaming white label solution providers in the market, including Kzing, which makes a great choice. With more than 10 years of industry experience, Kzing provides one of the few with the most comprehensive iGaming software systems on the market.

Our iGaming software includes the most advanced and comprehensive back-end system, a wide selection of mobile responsive front-end templates for you to choose from, and also access to hundreds of online gaming options such as live games, slots, e-Sports, fishing, sports events, chess, lottery, poker, and cockfighting, as well as multiple payment channels.

Whether you are ready to start a new iGaming platform, or looking to upgrade or migrate your existing site, the best way to expand your business is to partner with a reputable iGaming white label provider like Kzing. The various features available with our iGaming software solutions can help you attract more players and allow you a competitive edge over other platforms in the iGaming market. Our iGaming white label solutions include providing operators with different currency options and even virtual or crypto currency as payment method.

Have your own iGaming or betting platform up and running within 7-14 working days, with our fully functional platform ready to go online at any time. Kzing also provides customizable iGaming website solutions, which means that you can integrate as many games as you want. Additional features and functionality which are important to the operation of your platform can also be upgraded at no costs. Our developers will provide you with the best solutions.

Why choose Kzing’s iGaming White Label Solutions

Since 2012, Kzing has been developing iGaming software solutions and building our strong after-sales services.

We have over 10 years of industry experience and a capable team software design and development to bring projects to live. Being a professional iGaming white label solutions provider, we strive to constantly improve and provide operators with a variety of the most comprehensive management systems and satisfactory user experience for players. We have developed many advanced and stunning features to help our operators attract and retain more players.

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Omni-channel iGaming White Label Solutions

Players can access games anytime, anywhere, on any device, network, mobile device or application (APP) to get the best iGaming experience.


Free Testing on Demo Site

Test and experience the iGaming platform from a player’s point of view on our demo sites.


Quick Launch

Our ready-made iGaming sites are guaranteed to save vast amounts of time and technical resources to get your website live in a short period of time.



Kzing servers are fully secured, with continuous research and improvement of our preventative mechanisms to protect our system data and ensure security.


Complimentary Business Consultation

Our business is built on your success. We provide assistance throughout every process, from building a website, to helping you find the most suitable business model and iGaming white label solutions to ensure the successful launching and operation of your iGaming platform.


Cost-Free Updates

The software is updated in real-time, with existing and new operators being able to use the latest functionalities at no additional charges.

Advantages of Kzing White Label Solutions

Our customers can choose from more than 1,000 games from all around the world across over 80 game providers. We guarantee the most transparent system when it comes to pricing, with no hidden fees. You can rest assured of getting the optimal combination of quality and price. In addition, we have been optimizing the front-end experience and back-end system to simplify the process of building an iGaming platform, allowing your users an enjoyable online gambling experience. We provide you with the best iGaming white label solutions, which includes a variety of payment channels and game providers, which will bring you great returns on your investment.


More Than 10 Years of Industry Expertise

Kzing is a recognized business partner and iGaming white label solutions provider in Asia. With the best software developers and extensive technical support, we are constantly working hard to innovate and improve our white label solutions offerings.


One-stop White Label Solutions

We have more than 300 ready-made casino website templates with integrated payment channels and casino games. Our back-end system is easy to use and customizable to maximize the impact of your platform.


Market Development

In order to meet the needs of Asian markets, such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, South Korea and Japan, we have custom designed localized white label solutions. We develop the latest technology and specialised features to effectively help you enter your targeted market and enable your platform to stand out in this highly competitive industry. At the same time, we support multi-language and multi-currency systems for your choosing.


Professional Product Development Team

Our software developers have extensive cross-industry knowledge and are guided by experienced project managers to provide and customize reliable back-end systems to optimise your business.


Over 100 Asian Customer Base

Despite our ever-increasing customer base, we strive to provide a personal touch in our collaborative solutions to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

24/7 365 全天候支持

24 Hours, 365 Days Support

Our technical team is committed to providing the highest level of service, on call to ensure prompt response and technical support for your platform.

Full Customization of iGaming Functionalities

We use the latest technology, which speeds up the overall performance of the backend system compared to traditional white label solutions. Our industry knowledge and experience have helped us developed the most reliable integration methods and various system management functionalities.

Some of the main functionalities of our backend system include:

Back-office Management

Our software provides administrators with the all-important function of funds withdrawal and approval processing. Administrators have full control and management of all settings, player transactions, player registration, bankroll management and data logging systems.

Registration and Profile Management

New players must register an account before they can bet, along with details of deposit and withdrawal of funds and top-ups. Our iGaming white label solutions registration and query of user information. Additionally, players can register via phone, email, Google account or other social media.

Payment System

Players deposit/withdraw funds through payment gateways. The interface is designed to be easy and convenient for users. Our software system also offers important features like setting a maximum amount of cash users can withdraw, and more. We support a variety of payment methods, such as virtual currency, electronic wallet, etc., allowing users to deposit and withdraw quickly.

Rewards and Bonus System

As bonuses attract large numbers of players, they have become key to building a successful iGaming site. Our iGaming white label software features bonus systems (for registration, top-ups, participation in certain games, repeated top-ups, etc.) to help operators attract players. These rewards and bonuses promote higher engagement and retention rates.

Affiliate System

Affiliates are a great way to bring in new players and users. Our single-tier and multi-tier affiliate systems benefit both referrers (affiliates) and referees (players). They can quickly check amounts and transactions with just a few taps.

Social Media Integration

Technology has had a major impact on most of our world and our social media. Our customer service contact methods include the use of social media software, which is an advantage in the user experience. Users can contact customer service using their social media accounts.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are key factors for iGaming sites. Our systems provide clients with the best anti-hijacking software, player login protection, SSL authentication and more.

In addition to online betting features, there are other features which can help you stand out from your competitors and create a unique user experience.

Our Services

  • We have resources to assist in setting up overseas offices
  • We have solutions to help in setting up back-offices
  • We provide back-end training
  • We offer free consultation before building the site
  • We have a large pool of template designs for you to choose from

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Game Providers

Kzing’s system supports the integration of games through API, which is highly time-efficient. Just choose the games you want to offer on your platform from our game library. This method of game API integration is suitable for platforms of any size.

Introductions to Game Types


Live Video

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There are many types of live video games, mainly including a dealer, and game-play within a gaming hall setting etc. Live video game broadcasts are stable and attractive croupiers meet the visual and entertainment needs of players. Access and choose the desired live video game from our game library.


Sports Events

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Sports events offer a wide range of betting options. For instance, there are over 30 different sports types to bet on, including football, basketball, tennis, and more, giving players a lot of choices and flexibility when placing their bets. Sports gaming platforms offer betting options on market odds, which means users can have a higher chance of winning. In addition, the user-friendly interface is also convenient for novice players who are not familiar with online betting.



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There are many different e-Sports betting on the market. From split-betting to which team draws first blood and everything in between. These possibilities make for exciting e-Sports betting. Current game providers offer a variety of games and a wide range of betting markets for each game. They also offer pre-match, in-field betting options, live games and great odds. There is also comprehensive coverage of large and small e-Sports tournaments, sometimes even setting up special betting events for niche tournaments. All these betting features can significantly capture users’ attention, increase engagement and eventually betting turnover.


Playing Cards

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Bullfighting is one of the most popular, fast-paced and exciting casual poker games. The game is played with between 2 to 6 players and has 54 cards (including big jokers and small jokers). Each player is dealt 5 cards per round, where Aces-9s represent points 1-9 respectively. 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and big and small Jokers together represent 10 points. The player combines the 5 cards to form the specified hands according to the rules, and then compare their value with the dealer’s to determine the winner. Other exciting playing cards games include ‘Fighting Dragon and Tiger’, ‘Thirteen Waters’, ‘San Gong’, ‘Fighting the Landlord’, ‘Lucky Five Cards’, ‘Golden Flower’. 



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There are four types of lotteries and five ways to play them. The four types include ‘Instant’, ‘Lotto’, ‘Numbers’, and ‘Keno’. The five playing methods are ‘Scratch’, ‘3D’, ‘Double Colored Ball’, ‘Seven Lottery’, and ‘Happy 8’. ‘Scratch’ is an instant lottery, ‘Double Colored Ball’ and ‘Seven Lottery’ are lotto-type lotteries, ‘3D’ games are digital lottery tickets, and ‘Happy 8’ is a Keno-type lottery.



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There are different ways to play and catch fish. There are various game modes such as ‘Breakthrough Mode’, ‘Arcade Mode’, ‘Mission Mode’, and ‘Ranking Mode’. In each mode, players earn gold coins and rewards by completing mission requirements and moving up the rankings. Although it is a fishing game, it is the same as any other iGaming game. Managing and developing it takes time.



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There are various types of slot games that players can choose from. Available in ‘Classic’, ‘Multi Slots’, ‘Bonus Multi’, ‘Multi-Line’ and ‘Progressive’. Once players know which slot game appeals to them, they can easily join in the fun. Slot machines accept bets in various denominations and allow players to wager a certain number of tokens per play. This will allow users of different budgets to find slot games that match their capacity.



Read more >

The game mechanics of ‘Cockfighting’ are simple but addictive; it has colorful graphics and is suitable for all ages. The game is designed to tie your points to the bet to score points. The game can be played with two or more players and has different rules for different numbers of players. The game can also be played in teams. Cockfighting has multiple game modes. The most popular mode being ‘Battle Mode’, where users compete against each other to see who can earn the most points. There is also a ‘Co-op Mode’, where users team up to fight against the computer. There are also several difficulty levels to choose from. The game is easy to pick up and has a rich history.

Customer Reviews

Kzing has an experienced software development team capable of implementing unique features and solutions for my platform. They also fulfilled specific functionalities for our platform’s needs to prepare us for success in the iGaming market.

Thank you very much for the iGaming white label solutions provided by Kzing. The UX/UI design is sleek and engaging, and has increased player retention for my business. It has also enabled us to stand out in the highly competitive iGaming industry.

I am eager to build a website. Kzing provided me with iGaming white label solutions in a timely manner. They are reliable! I really like their service!

Kzing is a reliable white label solutions provider which has consistently provided high-quality iGaming solutions to industry operators. If you're new to the industry, they have plenty of resources to help you grow in the market.

It's amazing that I was able have my very own Sports betting platform and comprehensive APP in such a short period of time! Players can easily place bets using the APP.

Site-Building Process

  • 1

    Both parties negotiate and enter an agreement to cooperate, and the operator (you) is required to pay a deposit in advanced.

  • 2
    Brand Materials

    Operators then need to provide their brand materials and requirements for website building.

  • 3
    Website Development

    Begin website development and technical support.

  • 4

    The platform must be launched after one month of testing. If modifications are required, changes must be submitted all in one go and additional payment made afterwards.

  • 5

    Platform officially launched.

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If you have any inquiries, please contact our business manager

    Frequently asked questions about iGaming white label solutions:

    Hiring a software developer to develop your iGaming back-end system and website from scratch is highly time-consuming and costly.

    iGaming white label solutions can solve this problem by providing ready-made solutions, requiring less time, money and fewer human resources to quickly build an iGaming site.

    In addition, iGaming white label solutions can provide sufficient front-end and back-office support to assist in operations, after-sales service, and 24/7 customer service.

    Operators can also choose to customize the white label solutions. Customization may take longer to develop as it will require more unique features to help improve operational efficiency.

    In short, the advantages of using iGaming white label solutions are obvious. Why spend valuable time, money and human resources developing a new system when there is a ready-made option and customizable back-end system?

    The cost of starting an iGaming platform depends on your business needs and marketing strategy. Starting an iGaming business is not just about finding initial capital to fund software development, it is also about having to budget for marketing, decent customer service, player retention programs, and investing in research and development of platform features to stand out from the competition.

    There are many factors to consider when starting an iGaming, such as website development, application configuration, marketing strategy, and recruiting staff.

    Today, many iGaming white label providers offer more economical options for quick website builds; the cost of building a website with your brand identity, CDN, hosting services and management can cost anywhere between nothing to 5,000 EUR.

    iGaming platforms also need to prepare for ongoing management, maintenance and operating costs; a team of personnel in different positions is required.

    In the beginning, at least 8-10 full-time personnel are required, working 8-12 hours a day, in departments which include Finance, Human Resources, Administration, Technical, and Marketing to handle all platform-related matters.

    As the company grows, consider adding a Risk Management department. The platform can employ about 24 employees, who are then scheduled in shifts.

    Operators will also have to account for expenditures in marketing promotions and membership management.

    In addition, to that, back-end system maintenance fees and counting fees every month.

    Internationalizing your business can be quite challenging. Partnering with an experienced white label provider with a good reputation in the Asian market is the key to success. This is where Kzing comes in. Our professional consultants and established technical support team will help you penetrate the Asian market!

    We are well-versed with the local languages, gaming culture and player needs. Our system can be easily integrated with popular local games (based on local market preferences) and support local payment solutions.

    Our software system supports many markets in Asia such as China (CNY), India (IDR), Indonesia (INR), Vietnam (VND), Thailand (THB), South Korea (KRW), Japan (JPY) and Bangladesh (BDT). In addition to accepting local currencies, our system also accepts major virtual currencies such as BTC, USDT, ETH, etc.

    Although we have yet to develop our system for the European or African market, virtual currency makes that possible as it is applicable to any country. Our team is hard at work to develop more international markets in the short term.

    Kzing offers one-on-one consultations to assist operators in breaking into the market. So contact us today and learn more about setting up an iGaming platform in the Asian market.

    The best iGaming white label solutions are those which can provide you with the most comprehensive functionalities that best suit your needs.

    First of all, the iGaming software system should meet your business needs (localized content, specific payment methods, and virtual currency solutions). The second is that it should meet your budget and complement your knowledge of the iGaming industry and experience.

    A professional provider will give you peace of mind, free from technical concerns and be able to provide you with a demo site and price quotation. Operators are free to choose from the various iGaming platforms they desire. White label iGaming solutions can save you time and money and get your iGaming site online quickly.

    Yes, we offer ready-to-use virtual or crypto currency betting platforms and systems loaded with features. Operators do not have to worry about payment methods and configuration issues. We provide a one-stop system that facilitates fast and secure cryptocurrency transactions. We also have a selection of the best game providers offering you an unlimited choice of virtual currency casino games.

    Our white label solutions allow operators to fully customize their websites. For example, operators can request access to certain functions or development of new features. On top of that, operators also have complete creative freedom when it comes to their own platform outlook and brand logo. We can make design adjustments to your colour scheme throughout the site. A customized betting platform can increase player loyalty and boost player retention. In other words, a customized platform can add more competitive advantages for operators.

    We have established relationships with many top-notch bookmakers. Our back-end system can seamlessly connect with almost any gambling game, not to mention payment methods, which can be offered to customers at 1:1. Moreover, the platform design we provide fully complies with today's standards, and integrates all required routes with the simplest API docking method. All development (including server configuration and APP configuration) depends on the complexity and collaboration of all parties. Kzing can complete the whole development process within 5 to 7 working days after payment (off-the-shelf template for white label iGaming solution); then, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) can be carried out.

    Create Miracle with Asia's Strongest White Label